Moon Calendar


Friday 10th - full
Friday 24th - new


Saturday 8th - full
Sunday 23rd - new


Monday 9th - full
Monday 23rd - new


Tuesday 7th - full
Wednesday 22nd - new


Wednesday 6th - full
Friday 22nd - new


Friday 5th - full
Saturday 24th - new


Saturday 4th - full
Monday 20th - new


Monday 3rd- full
Tuesday 18th - new


Tuesday 1st - full
Wednesday 16th - new


Thursday 1st - full
Friday 16th - new
Saturday 31st - full


Saturday 14th - full
Sunday 29th - new


Monday 14th - full
Tuesday 29th - new

What is the Moon Calendar for?

Mysore-style classes are often taken on a daily basis, practicing every day except Saturday or days of the full and new moon.

No Practice on Moon Days.
It has always been the tradition in Ashtanga Yoga to take rest from asana practice on new and full moon days. When asked why we shouldn’t practice on these days, Guruji as we call in a form of affection Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, used to say, “Two ‘planets’ one place, very dangerous.” What this means is that on these days, the sun and the moon are in a line relative to the position of the earth. Consequently, their gravitational forces are all combined, and thus the effect of the planets more pronounced. One definitive effect of this is that the ocean’s tides are higher and lower on these days. When asana practice is done daily, rest days are important for regeneration; and the extra biweekly ‘moon day’ comes as a welcomed lull.